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Where Community Comes Together

Where Kids Can Be Kids!

When weekends aren’t spent exploring the outdoors, families can enjoy other hands-on learning adventures including bowling, swimming, and the Chahinkapa Zoo. An added bonus; they won’t break the bank either. In addition, SoVal has a variety of great recreation options for kids—from hockey to baseball to swimming. Kids will embrace their imaginations and iPads will become a thing of the past (or at least until they get home).

No matter your age, Southern Valley has the resources and support you need to grow your family. But don’t just take our word for it, come find out for yourself (but don’t be selfish, bring your friends and family too).

Youth Sports

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Find your perfect outdoor activity right here in the Southern Valley’s backyard. Test your endurance hiking, biking, or ATV-ing through the Sheyenne Grasslands or enjoy a stroll along Lake Elsie on your lunch break. Hunting and fishing can be an everyday endeavor. No matter your level of experience, Southern Valley will bring out the outdoor adventurer in you. There are no limitations on what the area has to offer.


In Southern Valley, we encourage everyone to get up and get out every day. Sometimes that’s to work, sometimes to the lakes, and sometimes to one of the 16 (and growing) community parks that span the area. That’s right – we preach a working hard and playing harder kind of living.

So go take advantage of all the room you have to play.

Adult Fun!

Winery’s, golfing, casino and sports betting… all within short distance and year round? Yes. Yes. And, yes.

Date nights, happy hours and girl’s weekends, Southern Valley has the hook-up when it comes to adult fun. With big city amenities and a strong small-town spirit, when it comes to food, adventure and entertainment, there’s no place quite like SoVal.

We couldn’t possibly list all the food, wine, and entertainment that happens year-round around here, but we’ve compiled some of our favorite go-to spots. So mark your calendars, collect your friends and family, and come enjoy what this area has to offer!


Dinner is usually a staple of “date night” or a much-needed night off of cooking for the fam, but the restaurant you go to with that special someone doesn’t have to feel routine. Some of the best restaurants you’ll find here aren’t chains, and we’re pretty proud of that.

Treat yourselves and head to any of the spots below to guarantee a memorable (and tasty) outing.

Abercrombie, ND

  • Fort Saloon and Mess Hall

Barney, ND

  • Barney Pub & Eatery

Christine, ND

  • Christine Liquors

Colfax, ND

  • Colfax Bar & Grill

Dakota Magic Casino

  • Twin Buffalo Grill
  • Dakota Winds Tavern
  • Exit 1 Deli
  • Seven Fries Buffet

Fairmount, ND

  • Doug’s Bar

Hankinson, ND

  • Doc’s Pub & Eatery
  • Dakota Drive in
  • The EDJ
  • Gaye’s Thai Food
  • Hotcakes Café and Lodging
  • Nest
  • Spare Time Bar

Mantador, ND

  • Mantador VFW

Mooreton, ND

  • Antelope Creek Bar & Grill

Tyler, ND

  • Texas Crossing Bar & Grill

Wahpeton, ND

  • Prantes

  • The Boiler Room Wahpeton
  • City Brew Hall
  • Bois De Sioux Grill Room
  • Hills 210 Café & Subs
  • El Toro Mexican Restaurant
  • Fryn’ Pan Family Restaurant
  • Beyond’s China Buffet
  • Wahpeton Deli

Walcott, ND

  • Brewzers Bar

Wyndmere, ND

  • The Black Pelican Bar & Grille
  • The Back 40 Bar
    Lidgerwood, ND
  • Dee’s Bar & Grill
  • Lidgerwood Bar & Lounge
  • Lidgerwood Corner Bar
  • Circle T Drive In

Breckenridge, MN

  • Wilkin Drink and Eatery
  • Favorites Drive Thru Deli

Campbell, MN

  • Number 9 Bar & Grill

Foxhome, MN

  • Foxhole Bar & Grill

Rothsay, MN

  • Rothsay Powerhouse Bar & Grill
  • Rothsay Truck Stop

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