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I came to the Southern Valley for a better way of life, not only for me but for my family. Living in a large city just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Between the cost of living, the insane traffic, and the rise in crime — my family needed something different. Something safe. Something that felt like home.

My husband had long conversations about moving but could never decide where and when the right time might be. We knew we wanted to move to a smaller town, something out of a Hallmark movie for me. But on a serious note, we have several reasons behind picking up our life and relocating.

We knew that first and foremost we’d need to find a smaller area that would still offer career opportunities for the two of us.  He’s a Mechanic, and I’m a Nurse. To be honest, we were worried that moving to a more rural area would mean minimal job opportunities, but when we discovered the Southern Valley, we were pleasantly surprised! The jobs we found presented great hours with competitive salaries. We were set!

Jobs? Check.

Now, to the fun part – time to explore what else the Southern Valley had to offer our family. We needed to find a home to comfortably suite our family of five. We were outgrowing our current house, and purchasing anything larger in the city would cost an arm and a leg. However, after looking at homes in the Southern Valley, we were shocked to see how affordable they were. When we came across a two-story, all-white home with plenty of yard space, we instantly fell in love. This home fell within our budget and had enough space for each of our kids to finally have their own rooms, too.

Home? Check.

Lastly, we needed to make sure the education system was up to par. It is very important that our kids receive a great education. That was non-negotiable. Well, we found a wonderful school for our kids that offered small class sizes, but still had plenty of opportunities — alongside offering good athletic programs! Plus, it’s near the home we were looking at, so we were ecstatic!

Education- check.

At this point, it was a no brainer — the Southern Valley was our new home. No rush hour traffic, no pricey mortgage, and no rising crime. Instead of feeling like strangers in an unfamiliar city, our family was embraced by this wonderful community; here at last was the peace that made us truly feel at home.